Sword and Fairy 1 (2024) Episode 7 English Subbed

Sword and Fairy 1 (2024)

Yun Tianhe was orphaned at a young age. He meets Han Lingsha, a girl who attempts to break into his father's tomb. They embark on a journey together as he searches for his own identity.

A chance encounter leads Yun Tianhe to form an indissoluble bond with Han Lingsha who is from a clan of tomb raiders. Along the way, he also meets another girl named Liu Mengli. Determined to learn about his father's past, Yun Tianhe together with Han Lingsha and Liu Mengli become disciples of Kunlun Qionghua Sect.

Yun Tianhe who believes that his destiny lies in his own hands is unwavering in the face of difficulties and trials. With the help of his new friends, they fight against all odds to save the demon world and the ordinary people within the vicinity of Qionghua.

Remake of the 2005 television series Chinese Paladin.

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