Lecturerku, Oppa! (2023) Episode 12 English Subbed

Lecturerku, Oppa! (2023)
Jung-Hyun Hwang is a lecturer in Tourism Management Faculty at the local University located in the capital. He is a Korean who speaks Bahasa Melayu. Despite his good look and admire by many students at the campus, he only set his eyes for one student, a Malay girl named Sara. And when Sara was assigned to do a project on Korea, Hyun insist on helping her so that they can spend time together. Sara was very resistant in the beginning but she slowly fell in love during one of their campus trip. Nevertheless, a relationship between a student and a lecturer is never easy. In the end, Hyun embraced Islam and took the new name Daniel Abdullah. Going through his new journey with Sara, the one he loves. But first he must conquer 2 things : FASTING and CIRCUMCISION.

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