Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2 (2023) Episode 42 English Subbed

Gourmet in Tang Dynasty Season 2 (2023)

Yuan Wan Er, who traveled to the Tang Dynasty, tried hard to return to her original world - but when she tried so, she only traveled five years later! This time, Wan Er became a student at the Great Eastern Academy. At the same time Wan Er's best friend Lin Yu, mistakenly believed that she has crush on the overseas student, Silla Prince Jin De Cheng, so she designed a confession plan for her. As a result, Wan Er became love rival to her classmate Fang Qing Cheng. She liked Jin De Cheng and kept provoking and harassing Wan Er, because of that. Soon Wan Er, wanting to stop her bullying agreed to the debate competition proposed by Fang Qing Cheng.

(Source: Chinese = Baike)

Episodes: 42

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